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Work with me


The body is the visible soul, and the soul is the invisible body. The body and soul are not divided anywhere, they are parts of each other, they are parts of one whole. You have to accept the body, you have to love the body, you have to respect the body, you have to be grateful to your body…. ~ Osho

How we feel about our own body and how we nourish it impacts every aspect of our life.

♥ Discover the language of your body

♥ Learn to eat with intuition and body wisdom

♥ Become your own nutritional expert

♥ No more food guilt or stress around food

♥ No more dieting or restricted eating

♥ Discover the root of your emotional eating

♥ Release sabotage patterns

♥ Learn how to exercise in ways that you love

♥ Balance your hormones

♥ Improve your mood

♥ Improve digestion and assimilation

♥ Boost your energy and confidence

♥ Tap into your intuition and inner knowing

♥ Discover body-love and feel good about yourself


In person: Private coaching and private yoga sessions are available. These can take place in my office or at a location convenient to you.

Skype: Virtual coaching and yoga sessions are available.. All you need is a quiet space and good internet connection.

What people are saying:

“I first met Tammy in a yoga class she ran for individuals with eating disorders. As soon as I met Tammy I knew there was something very special about her, she has a calm and kind energy and encouraged the class to observe the current moment and realise that change can only ever happen in the present. Her yoga classes are the best I have ever done, they helped to soothe not just my body but also my mind!! I’d do one everyday if I could!! After spending more time chatting to Tammy I saw she had both compassion and wisdom in her words and relationships. I was later very pleased to be partnered with Tammy in a mentoring program where I learnt more about her and the challenges she has overcome. I think Tammy is an amazing person and she is a wonderful mentor and friend!! Despite my difficulties Tammy always takes me seriously and shows she really cares and wants to help. Tammy’s experience and current philosophies combine to make me stop and think and question assumptions I have about myself and the world. I believe anyone would be blessed to have the opportunity to work with and learn from Tammy!!” ~ Bec R.


“When I started my sessions with Tammy I was struggling with a lot of stress, anxiety and disappointment about my weight. I was constantly fretting about my weight and the stress around the issue of my weight had me caught in a cycle of emotional eating and anxiety. I was constantly striving to try to lose weight and was bound by my longing of eating ‘perfectly’ to feel good about myself. My sessions with Tammy helped me to recognise that I had a real obsession about my weight and just how much of my life it was consuming. Since working with Tammy that pressure has been lifted. I am more accepting of myself as I am and I have learnt that you can still lose weight by eating and there is no need to feel deprived. In fact, the more healthy and whole foods I eat the less I actually feel like eating junk food so I don’t feel deprived at all because i don’t crave those foods. I also understand that I don’t need to portion control my food, I can eat as much whole foods as I like provided I listen to my body and eat only as much as it needs. I have learnt to eat more mindfully and this has helped a lot.” Anna P.


“I was blown away by how attentively Tammy listened to everything I said. I have seen many different practitioners about my weight challenges, but none were able to get to the depth of my issues as quickly as Tammy did. I was also amazed at how at ease I was sharing with her. I never once felt judged, dismissed or that I was crazy. I felt like she really understood me.” Daniella R


“I am very grateful to have meet Tammy through Fivemore Active and to be brave enough to work with her on areas in my life that needed addressing.  This was a challenging time and I felt completely safe and that what I spoke about would be kept in complete confidence. My biggest challenge when we started working together was my self perception and working through the areas that were holding me back in my thought patterns and self beliefs.  I would highly recommend working with Tammy, she has wonderful knowledge, acceptance of all and great to work with.  It isn’t often that you can find someone to really trust and gel with, so quickly. ” Anna C


“Tammy is a caring, devoted, passionate and authentic yoga instructor. Her passion for her craft is evident from the moment you begin a class with Tammy. She has an in-depth knowledge of the body and explains clearly how it relates and benefits from the practice of yoga. Her availability to adapt her classes to the individual needs of her clients has been amazing to watch. She is very aware of what you are needing and tailors the classes appropriately. Tammy has a genuine approach to her teaching aimed at enriching both the body and the mind.” Rachael E.


“I learnt so much from your mindful eating course and wanted to say a big thank you. I struggled with Anorexia, Bulimia and EDNOS for the majority of my 20’s and your words really resonated with me – I’m so fed up of so many of my thoughts being permanently dominated by food and it’s only in the last 6 months or so that I have realised it’s my mind I need to change and not my body. It’s so easy to forget that food is meant to be pleasurable and nourishing and we rate a food by how healthy it is based on its calorie content and not how it makes us feel.” Vanessa K.


“Tammy’s yoga teaching is clear, precise and to the point. She focused on helping me relieve my Sciatica. I stopped classes with her when she moved to Los Angeles and I am yet to find someone to replace her.” Melanie S


“I am amazed at how much I enjoy your classes as yoga is something I have never had an interest in at all. I now practice at home on my own and it helps me immensely. So thank you so much for everything you have been doing for us.” Liz B.


“Thank you so much for your yoga sessions each week. They are so nourishing and your energy so understanding and uplifting. I’ve been struggling a lot and your sessions are often what I look forward to on Fridays!!” Carly S.


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