“Sometimes we need someone to simply be there…Not to fix anything or do anything in particular. but just to let us feel we are supported and cared about.”

Recovery takes time, patience, courage and support. I offer a mentoring service to facilitate eating disorder recovery. 

 One-one mentoring and or yoga/meditation sessions – either in-person or via skype with ongoing email or text support. Mentoring supports you release from:

♥ Negative body image: “feeling fat”

♥ Stress/emotional/ binge or restrictive eating

♥ Exercise addiction

♥ Food fear and /or obsession

♥ Feelings of fear, guilt & shame about your body & life

Sessions are tailored to the individuals needs, to:

♥ Release self-sabotage programs

♥ Learn how to eat mindfully and become your own nutritional expert

♥ Learn how to move mindfully in ways that truly nourish you

♥ Develop self-care practices to make you feel good!

♥ Discover your interests, purpose, passions

♥ Cultivate a peaceful relationship with yourself and others

♥ Offer gratitude and service

*This mentorship program is to support those already under the guidance of a treatment plan.